Peter Brighouse, Author and Illustrator of Louisa's Ginger Nuts Series

Competition - to explain the cartoon below, with a caption, or just say what is going on.

Prize: a complete set of all 8 printed cat books, posted free to wherever you are in the world, or even better collected from Altrincham Market stall 4th Sundays of each month.

Rules: we need at least 100 entries, by email, post or comments on Facebook or Twitter; winner (best submission or funniest entry) will be decided unilaterally by the Brighouse Family in the autumn 2014; anything rude or un-catlike will result in smacked wrists and disqualification.

More rules: obviously we shall need your postal address, just in case you win

Last rule: we may decide to have two winners, one for children and another for young adults (including adults who feel young)

We shall email all entrants with a beautiful image of the complete coloured in cartoon, cattoon, ready for you to print.