Peter Brighouse, Author and Illustrator of Louisa's Ginger Nuts Series

Ginger Nuts Cat Books

Showing which stories/tales/tails are included in each book 

Book 1 The Orange One
Here Come The Ginger Nuts - in which Tigtoes, Squimps and Mopprag are introduced and fun is had with the frogs in the pond whereas the sparrows and bluetits cause Squimps to take an early bath!

Book 2 The Blue One
More Fun with the Ginger Nuts - in which Captain Bullpuss and Hedgedog feature and where Squimps exchanges ideas for recipes with his friends!
Young Mistress and the Ginger Nuts - Louisa was never really like this, but her natural humorous assertiveness gave me the idea!

Book 3 The Red One
Bullpuss and the Ginger Nuts - in which we relate how the real Bullpuss came to stay!
Ginger Nuts Diary - Christmas Turkey
The Ginger Nuts Pull A Leg - Old Master is in bed with flu and in need of cheering up! T and S oblige with jokes, gags and frolics!

Book 4 The Green One
Cats At The Cottage - a winter holiday in Cumberland - Tigtoes, Squimps and Mopprag show farm and village life to the Bullpuss.

Book 5 The Purple One
The Ginger Nuts and the Rats - trouble, crime and a recalcitrant criminal; featuring Hedgedog, Judge Owl and Vulpo the urban fox; but why is m’learned friend Squimps wearing a dolls wig?
The Ginger Nuts and the Intruder - the burglar alarm system develops a fault and somebody tries to take advantage … until our friends intervene.

Book 6 Yellow / Orange new style cover

Five Furry Tales From The Ginger Nuts - Five short stories which involve visits to the Vets and trouble at home with vacuum cleaners
The slightly longer story, "Kaius Rules The Roost" is set in late autumn and features our friends helping Kaius correctly set up his Old Mistress' new bird table.

Book 7 Green / Yellow new  style cover

The Ginger Nuts And The Parrot - One fine long story of adventure, all sparked off by the family parrot-sitting for a weekend. Our friends Bullpuss and Squimps decide to trace the source of the River Mersey and take Henry the parrot as a guide. Assuming a lost cat party, Tigtoes heads up the rescue to ensure that everyone gets back in time for tea.

Book 8 Pale Blue new style cover

Ginger Nuts Alphabet - The eighth book in our series is aimed at the very youngest readers and those just starting to learn to read. Our cat friends, The Ginger Nuts, Tigtoes, Squimps and The Bullpuss are showing their own favourite interpretations of the letters of the alphabet, numbers and colours. There is no story as such here, just colourful illustrations where the cats interact with the examples.

Book 9 Blue / Orange new style cover

Clawed, The Kit From Red Bank - The tale is set in Lyme Regis, a handsome Dorset seaside resort on the English Channel and features some new cat characters, mainly Clawed and Ginger-Ginger who are delighted to find that the famous Ginger Nuts jazz band, featuring Bullpuss on double-bass, Squimps on piano and Mungo Jerrycan on baritone saxophone are booked to appear in the town as part of the jazz festival. Cameo appearances are made by Captain Bullpuss, whom we first met in Book 2, "More Fun With The Ginger Nuts" and Benson, drummer with the jazz band. Having got on so well with the farm and barn cats as related in Book 4, "Cats At The Cottage", the Ginger Nuts always looked forward to the next trip to Cumbria, to renew friendships with Benson and his family and exchange anecdotes. This story is specially for the older parent reading to a child, since the jokes require a knowledge of the jazz pantheon and songs from the Great American Song-book.